Published Entries

Our page does not feature the published biographies. However, we make available a list of all volumes published from 1935 to the present day, as well as a list of all published entries.

We would like to inform all persons who were unable to find the biographies of some famous Poles in our Dictionary that this results from the alphabetical order of our Dictionary, as well as the fact that we include biographies of persons who died no later than 31 December 2000. Biographies of persons who died after this date, or after the volume containing the letter of the alphabet with which their surname began was published, could not be included. These biographies will be published in the Supplements, after the finalization of the main series of the Polish Biographical Dictionary.


Published volumes contain following entries:

Tom VIII (1959-1960)

Tom IX (1960-1961)

Tom XXIX (1986)

Tom XXXII (1989-1991)

Tom XXXIII (1991-1992)

Tom XXXIV (1992-1993)

Tom XXXVII (1996-1997)

Tom XXXVIII (1997-1998)

Tom XLVII (2010-2011)

Tom XLIX (2013-2014)

Tom LII (2017-2019)