About PSB

The Polish Biographical Dictionary (PSB) is a monumental history of Poland seen from the perspective of individual human lives. It has been issued in Krakow since 1935 with the exception of the period when Poland was under Nazi occupation and the Stalinist period. Currently it is comprised of 51 volumes (from A to Ś), the size of individual volumes varying from 480 to 830 pages. The general content of the series is: over 33 thousand pages containing over 27 thousand biographies of Poles and foreigners operating in Poland, starting with 9th century rulers Popiel and Piast, first Christian prince Mieszko I and first king Boleslaw Chrobry and ending with persons deceased in the year 2000.

The Polish Biographical Dictionary contains biographies, in alphabetical order, of kings, princes, politicians, military leaders, painters, sculptors, architects, people involved in films and theatre, scholars, athletes, clergymen and saints, famous persons alongside those less known or, sometimes, completely forgotten. All the entries are interrelated, they complement each other showing the past from different perspectives: from the point of view of characters from a distant past as well as in the light of the most recent scientific discoveries. Authors cooperating with the PSB include the most eminent Polish and foreign specialists (about 4 thousand researchers) who have often dedicated many years of research to individual historical characters and are able to supply their biographies with information from rich and varied sources. The biographies, written in the most condensed, concrete and objective form possible, often describe human lives so fascinating that they form a fascinating story of customs and adventures.

Currently, we have finished work on volume 51. The second issue of volume 52 (issue 213 in the overall sequence) was published in July 2018. In 82 years’ time we have reached the letter “T”. The last published entry up to date is “Tarło Stanisław”. The publication of the last volume of the Polish Biographical Dictionary is planned for the year 2030.


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